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In vitro cultureIn vitro cultureIn vitro culture
Assisted Animal Reproduction

In vitro culture

With the new medium line of IVF Bioscience the production and quality of bovine, ovine, goat and equine in vitro embryos is optimized. Serum-free and "ready to use" media cover all the necessary steps for the success of an IVP process, from obtaining and maturing the oocyte to transferring the blastocyst or its vitrification to preserve it in N2 over time.

  • Culture and vitrification media for cattle and horses.
  • Paraffin oil.
  • Embryotested labware.
  • Micropipettes for ICSI, Holding, Assisted Hatching and Blastomer Biopsy.
  • Capillaries for denudation and manipulation of gametes and embryos.
  • Electronic follicular aspirators with or without heating plate.
  • Stereomicroscopes.
  • Thermoplates for microscopy.
  • Heated plates at constant temperature of 37 ºC.
  • Standard incubators of different capacities with controlled atmosphere of CO2, O and temperature.
  • Incubators for transport of biological material.
  • Benchtop incubators with mixed gas supply.
  • Culture parameter meters: Incontrol, Thermo Buttons.
  • Cleaning, disinfection and filter solutions for gases.
  • Cryobiological containers for storage of biological material.
  • Liquid Ncryogenic containers.
  • Containers for transporting biological material.